How to Draw More Parents to Your Day Care with Tech Upgrades

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Are you struggling to attract parents to your daycare? Make sure you're not "stuck in the past". Every day, new technology and electronics are being invented to fulfil the needs and desires of everyone in the population, including parents and guardians. Not having the right gadgets or software at your disposal could make prospective mums, dads, and children flock to your competition. Here are 2 essential upgrades your daycare needs if you want to increase your clientèle and boost your revenue.

Communication Apps

Communicating with parents is a tricky issue in daycare facilities. On one hand, mums and dads want to know what their little one is up to, ensuring that they're safe and happy. On the other hand, they want minimal interruption to their day, and they'd prefer that you spent your time looking after the children instead of calling or emailing them. Luckily, there are multiple startup companies with app-based solutions to this problem. An online search for 'daycare communication apps' will show you a number of options for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. These apps allow you to communicate a whole host of information to parents (from how many naps a child had to what they ate for lunch) with the click of a button. Using these apps allows you to fulfil parents' desires without taking up too much of their time or yours, and that will be a big selling point for your facility.

Security Systems

If you ask any parent what the most important factor is in choosing a day care, you can be certain that safety will rank high on their list. In a world with growing threats to children, from abuse to accidents, it's paramount that you reassure mums and dads that their little one is fully protected while in your care. That's why having a security system installed is essential in drumming up business. Ensure you have both indoor and outdoor surveillance so children's activities can be monitored and recalled wherever they are. You have the option of overt security systems (highly visible) or covert systems (hidden or disguised). You may want to use a mixture of both, as they have varying benefits. Overt systems, for example, are a deterrent to any criminal activity as perpetrators know they will be caught. On the other hand, covert systems can reveal the "true colours" of people who thought their actions were safe from prying eyes. Of course, you must make sure you comply with the laws for video surveillance in your region, and you must ensure that there are no cameras in areas where children will be undressed. A good, thorough system will make parents feel safer with their child in your day care as opposed to your competitors' facilities.