Upgrade Your Office With Pin Boards and Mobile Whiteboards

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For many years, flipcharts were the standard for any business meetings, presentations or other such events that involved having notes or illustrations to make a point. The fact that they're portable means that they can easily be brought into any room when needed. However, they weren't without issues. Tearing off many sheets of paper is both noisy and bad for the environment. Not to mention, constantly buying refill paper can become quite expensive.

Thankfully, today there is a better solution. A mobile whiteboard combines the portability and flexibility of flipcharts in a far more convenient solution. These are whiteboards of whatever size you'd like that are sturdily attached to a frame with wheels. They can be easily moved to whichever room you desire. Using a whiteboard is a superior solution to just drawing or writing on large sheets of papers. Firstly, their smooth surface means that any drywipe marker pen can be used on them. The ink can be easily cleaned and leave no trace so the whiteboard is completely reusable. The only thing you'd need to worry about replacing are the pens themselves, which you'd have to do anyway with a flipchart. Once you've made your point on the whiteboard, just erase the ink and move onto the next thing without wasting time. 

By not creating any waste, whiteboards are environmentally-friendly. Also, you don't need to worry about trying to dispose of used material in the heat of a presentation, making it more professional. Whiteboards are used in classrooms all over the world for great reason. They can display lots of information at once, then quickly be ready to show something completely different. By having a whiteboard on hand, the presenter can quickly convey a response to any question or problem thrown at them. Whiteboards are also magnetic: If you need to present graphics or illustrations that can't be drawn, you can have them printed in advance and then use magnets to hold them up on the board.

What if your company or department needs a place to put up notices securely without damaging the wall? Invest in pin boards! Made of natural materials like felt or cork, you can fix these to any wall you like and have a reusable surface to pin paper to. By having a board, you won't have pin holes ruining the wall. You can gather all the important notices and place them on one large board. This creates an organised place for someone to look at for necessary information. Pin boards also look more professional than just having pieces of paper scattered all over the wall.