How Should I Deal With A Broken Colour Photocopier?

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Colour photocopiers are universally used in offices, schools and government buildings. In many settings, they're a real necessity, and it can be a huge setback when your photocopier stops working or is broken; in some situations you might not realise how many copies you make until you can't anymore. As such, it's incredibly useful to know what to do in case your colour photocopier needs repair quickly. Here's what you should keep in mind.

Figure out what the problem is

Here are the most common photocopier problems:

  1. A technical/electrical error (indicated by an 'error' sign on the display)
  2. A paper jammed in the machine that causes it to malfunction
  3. General wear and tear, out of place wires and broken or unfilled colour ink cartridges.

If you've identified the problem on your own, good! That's a first step. Now, onto fixing the problem.

See if it's something you can fix yourself

Oftentimes, if the problem is minor, you can actually fix it yourself without having to call a service. First of all, try 'restarting' the photocopier by turning off the power and turning it back on. If that doesn't work, then you can try a few other things if you're sure it's a minor problem. See if the colour cartridges need to be repaired or if there's a clear paper jam that can be fixed. Check if the cables are plugged in properly. A word of caution: If the problem is not that simple, it's not advised to try fixing the copier yourself, as someone with the expertise will know how to deal with more technical problems and will ensure the machine isn't accidentally damaged throughout the repair process.

Get help from a photocopier maintenance and repair service

If it's clear that the problem requires some expertise, then it's highly recommended to call a photocopier repair service. They can open up the photocopier and repair the inner parts of the photocopier that need fixing or replacing much more easily than you could.

A photocopier service usually charges a monthly fee, but you can hire them for a one-time job as well. If needed, look up or call the nearest service that offers photocopying repairs and a technician will be sent out. In case you're in an office or a school where there's an urgent need of a photocopier, choose a service that will repair the machine on the spot quickly, without the need to have the machine sent away for repair.