Important Tips When Buying a New Commercial Security System

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Every commercial building should have a security system of some sort, and this even includes small offices; theft and vandalism of any commercial space can be very expensive to address, and it can also mean a costly work stoppage. It's also important to monitor visitors while you have staff on the premises for everyone's safety and security. When you're buying a new commercial security system, note a few important tips that will help you find the right option for your building and ensure it's installed properly as well.

Don't overspend

A commercial alarm system should provide adequate security features for your business in particular; this can mean controlled access to some parts of the business inside the building, such as storage rooms or places where cash is handled. You may want cameras over entryways as well as those inventory storage areas, and you may need flood alarm monitoring as well as fire alarms.

However, you also don't want to overspend on features that aren't necessary to keep your business safe. For example, a camera over the cash register at a restaurant is good, but do you really need more cameras to monitor diners? Do you need to control access to the room that stores simple office supplies? These features can mean unnecessary costs to install and maintain, so use good discretion in deciding how much security your facility actually needs.

Keep it simple

Lots of security features may be needed to monitor visitors and your inventory, but it's also good to keep the system as simple as possible. Complicated keypads and codes can easily lead to someone forgetting how to work the alarm, so you will have false alerts or areas of the building not secured. Remember that it doesn't matter how many features an alarm system has if it's too difficult to use every day! Choose something simple and easy to manage so that you know it will always be operated properly and so that you avoid false alarms.


Always have a commercial electrician install a security system for you, as this job can be more complicated than you might realize. A new system may require more electricity than your old alarm, and the building's current wiring may not support this added demand for power. An electrician can ensure that new wires are installed as needed and that your alarm is connected to an appropriate battery or backup source of power so that it's still operational even if your building's power should fail for any reason.