How to Make a Successful House Plan for the Future

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If you have a very independent personality, you may like to stamp your individuality on everything that you do, and you certainly had this in mind when you purchased a nice plot of land. You intend to build your own house, to your own specifications and nobody can accuse you of having a "cookie cutter" mentality. However, before you get too carried away and proceed without proper consideration, why do you need to draft a formal house plan at the outset?

The Bigger Picture

You've almost certainly got some interesting ideas in mind as you consider building a house that will meet your current needs and those of your family. Yet have you thought for a moment about the future? You should inject a certain amount of flexibility here, so you can renovate the property in the future, if need be, and not be hamstrung by short-term design restrictions.

Designing the House Plan

A comprehensive house plan will set everything out in three dimensions and include sectionals, elevations and floor plans, together with detailed specifications for contractors to follow.

However, before anybody picks up a tool or orders any components, you need to define your actual needs in writing and imagine what you may require in the future as well. This is where the draughtsman or woman will come into their own, as they will help to convert your ideas into a proper plan, bearing in mind any limitations you may be faced with.

Peering into the Future

When you try to look into your crystal ball, think about where you're likely to be in 10, 20 or 30 years' time. Much will depend on your age right now, of course, and the size or composition of your family. Maybe you will need to plan a granny flat for ageing relatives down the road, or perhaps you're nearing retirement age yourself and should think about potential mobility issues should they arise. If you're just starting a family then you may not know how large it will become and should be as versatile as you can at this stage.


If you're quite headstrong then you may have a broad idea about what you want, and in many respects, this can be a good thing. Certainly, you will want to temper enthusiasm and take into account the advice of the draughtsman, but at least you'll avoid uncertainty as you gravitate from one idea to another without making any decision.

Choosing Your Partner

It's always a good idea to engage professional drafting services, and you will need to make your choice carefully here before you begin. After all, you will need to see eye to eye with them and they will need to understand your vision if the project is ultimately going to be a success.