Types of Security Systems for Your Buildings

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Due to the increased property loss over the past years, security companies continue to figure out ways in which property loss can be reduced by inventing more security measures to help deal with the problem. The most commonly used security measures up to date is the CCTV (closed-circuit television). However, more threats continue to emerge, hence the need for multiple security system installations. The types of security measures for home or workplaces may differ depending on the kind of risks involved. A simple office in town will require surveillance camera coverage, while a motel in the same locality requires security cameras and a fire detection security system because there are risks of a fire outbreak. Below are some of the essential security systems for an apartment building.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Sometimes there are areas in your premises that you need to keep safe or entirely out of reach from strangers. In this case, the installation of an alarm system would be your best choice over the CCTV system. Intruder alarm systems sound an alarm to notify the owner any time anyone comes within the protected zone. They usually are set to detect any moving objects within a preferred radius. These alarms systems are mounted in a safe area together with a backup battery that ensures protection even when the power goes off.

Fire Detection Alarm Systems

These types of alarm systems are not commonly used, but that does not mean that are not crucial for your building. They are mostly found in places with higher risks of fire like hotels and apartment buildings; especially those that have underground gas pipes and factories dealing with flammable substances. The systems have detectors connected to the alarm systems which notify residents of fire while still in its early stages hence giving enough time to the resident to deal with the fire. Mostly, the installation of these alarms comes with fire extinguishers and hose pipes connected to the water supply system.

CCTV Systems

You will all agree that any security measures without a CCTV system in the building are not complete. Even though these cameras will not help you detect a fire outbreak or sound an alarm when an intruder breaks into your home or office, they have their benefits that when combined with the rest have a great impact to your security. For instance, the intruder alarm system will only detect an intrusion, and a fire detector will notify you when a fire starts, but they will not show you the intruder's face or where the fire started respectively. CCTV systems will help the police get the intruder as well as spot what caused the fire.